Born 1973 in Germany. Since 1974 living in Rafina Greece. I went to school in Rafina, Graduated from the Technical School of Athens getting a degree as a Medical Laboratories Technician. After that, I studied at the Department of Biology of the University of Athens but got disinterested and never completed it.

I have been drawing since I can remember. Making of comic stories began at the age of 20 but only for me and my friends to read. Later on I started as a "pro" by publishing funny strips for the Medical Laboratory Technicians Union magazine. I have drawn book covers, posters, illustrated schoolbooks and educational books, books for children, designed packages, made logos and prints for T-shirts.

In 2002 I participated in the 2nd Comic Competition of the Greek comic magazine "9" (distributed every wednesday together with "Eleftherotipia" - one of the most well known greek newspapers of Greece) and won the 1st laudation in the " Young talents" category. The prize was a workshop at the AKTO graphic design school in Athens, with the well known Greek comic artist and illustrator Dimitris Vitalis.

The winning story along with all the other awarded stories from the competition was displayed at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, the Institute Francais and at many cities all over Greece in a moving exposition. Some of my cartoons have also been exposed in Lafystio Levadia at the Amateur Caricature Exposition in 2002 and 2003. And the story making goes on...